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I am a direct, creative, boundaried counsellor based in Bristol, specialising in Transactional Analysis. I'm currently accepting new clients, so please email me, send me a message, or call me using the number below if you are interested in working with me.

Hayley Watkins

Transactional Analysis (often abbreviated to TA) is a form of counselling and psychotherapy, a theory of personality, and a system for promoting an individual's growth and change. It was originally devised by Eric Berne as a form of therapy that reduced or removed the power imbalance between the client and therapist by working from the assumption that everybody is intrinsically loveable, valuable, capable of change, and by removing or simplifying jargon wherever possible.

Wondering about the cactus theme? I explain that here!

~Hayley Watkins Dip. Couns. (MNCS Accred)